Project Highlight: GTALFH

Version: 2.0.0 | Maintainer: @cakespls / @GTALFH
GTALFH is a bulletin board-esque website inspired by the well known DestinyLFG website, but for the GTA: V community. Visitors of the site can choose to either list information regarding their own game session or simply message someone who's already listed their game session on the site. With this simplicity in mind, GTALFH greatly empowers GTA: Online players to build strong teams for future endeavours online.

The site is powered by the Laravel PHP framework. Originally built on Laravel 4.2 and recently rewritten for Laravel 5.5. It also uses a few open source packages to enhance the features available for its users. Such as arcanedev/log-viewer, koraktor/steam-condensor, and pusher/pusher-php-server. Prior to the Laravel 5.6 update of the site, we also used two other packages to manage "blacklisting" users from the site and simplifying our CRONs. However, due to advancements within our own code, and the Laravel framework, those packages are no longer needed.